Garlic may be considered a natural antibiotic No. 1, but onions should not be underestimated either. In general!


Experts agree that there are some diseases and conditions that you can cure with the help of onions, without the use of other medicines. And here are five key reasons you should always have onions in your home.

Clogged ears

The formation of cerumen in the ears protects them from infections, but if it is in excess, the ears can become clogged and even painful. But listen to this – boil one onion and put a shell in your ear, just don’t push too deep into the ear canal. Stay that night. Onion juices will soften the cerumen, and you will remove it without any hassle.



If baking, cooking or ironing are an integral part of your daily routine, then you surely know what burns are. Halve the onion and place on the burn. The pain will disappear almost instantly!

Wasp or bee sting

If you are allergic, hives or bee stings can be extremely dangerous. So if this happens to you, try to stay calm and do not squeeze the injection site, just sneak one onion and then gently place the mixture in the injection site. This will help the swell disappear more quickly, but of course, seek medical help!

High temperature

You probably remember when your grandmother put onions in your socks when you were sick. Yes, it is a great natural way to reduce high body temperature. It may not smell quite pleasant, but it’s worth a try next time, too.


And we left the best to the very end. Raw onions are a great ally in removing toxins from the body, and we are sure that detoxification with onions is the cheapest. And as the spring days have already begun, there is no reason not to believe in its benefits.