To lose weight you need to burn more calories. The more calories you burn the better is your weight loss process. When you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.
Exercise is the best way to burn a huge amount of calories. Whereas, some foods are low in calories that do not contribute too many calories to your diet. Burning more calories will result in better weight loss.
There are many other activities other than exercising which can help in burning more calories and help you lose weight effectively.
Here are some simple tricks which can help you burn more calories effortlessly.

  1. Chewing a gum
    Chewing a gum can help you burn calories while you doing your other tasks. Chewing a gum also promotes the feeling of fullness and makes you eat less. Some studies have also shown that chewing a gum can improve your metabolism. Better metabolism also results in better weight loss. But make sure that you chew a sugarless gum because a chewing gum with sugar leads to more sugar consumption and contributes to more calories consumption.
  2. Drink more water throughout the day
    Drinking more water also helps in burning more calories. Drinking enough water is beneficial for your health in many ways including weight loss. When you drink enough water at the right time you lose weight effectively. Some studies have also shown that cold water helps in burning more calories. You can drink more water throughout the day to burn some extra calories.
  3. Take the stairs
    Climbing stair s is one of the best exercises. It can also help in weight loss. Next time skip the elevator and choose stars. Choosing stairs will help in weight loss as well. It is a simple exercise which you can do anywhere. It is just a matter of choice which can help you in various ways.
  4. Do not skip meals and consume smaller meals
    Skipping meals especially breakfast can lead to weight gain. Also, you must consume smaller and frequent meals. When you consume a large meal your body takes more time to burn those calories. Staying active and consuming smaller meals will help in burning calories effectively.
  5. Add caffeine to your diet
    Caffeine helps in burning more calories. Adding ore caffeine to your diet will result in better calorie consumption. It will also boost metabolism which also contributes to better weight loss. You can add caffeine to your diet but do not consume too much caffeine as it can affect your health.