The immune system is considered as the defensive system in the human body, as it plays the primary role in resisting viruses, germs and infection that spread especially during the winter season and infects many people with influenza, cold and respiratory infections .


Below we learn about recipes and natural foods to strengthen the immune system and protect it from diseases, especially in winter season.


Fish contain selenium, which helps in the rapid formation of white blood cells, which has a great role in protecting the body from viruses, especially the influenza virus, and works to increase oxygen in the lungs to protect against respiratory diseases.


Sweet potato

Potatoes contain beta-carotene, which turns into the body into vitamin A, and it helps in the formation of skin layers, so it is the first line of defense for viruses and bacteria.

Olive leaf is used as a marinated tea.

Carrot, apple, pear, strawberry, spinach, mango, cantaloupe and apricot

All these foods are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants that protect the body from disease
Cinnamon with Nigella sativa and sweetened with honey with bees has a killer effect for microbes and a stimulant for the immune system, which is the ideal drink for strengthening immunity as a preventive and killing agent for microbes.

Although these medicinal plants are natural, but you must consult the physician before using them, and you should not replace the antibiotic only after consulting The doctor, depending on the severity of the disease, is suitable as a preventive