Aging is inevitable and so are the changes it brings on your face and body. To age gracefully is no easy task. Though it majorly depends on your lifestyle, some of the damage can be avoided using these easy facial yoga exercises. This is one of the best and active ways to slow down the effects of aging.


All of us yearn to have smooth and tight skin. Facial yoga(1) is one of the ideal ways for getting rid of fine lines and fat from the face skin. Thus, facial yoga helps a great deal in anti-aging. Additionally, it also helps to stretch the facial muscles, which is a better getting under the knife.

Fast Facts About Facial Yoga Are the Following:

Facial yoga helps in expanding the underlying tissues and also rejuvenates skin cells blood flow, which further stimulates and develops the underlying oxygenated facial muscles.
Regular exercising strengthens the face muscles and feeds the tissues, muscles, and skin cells with blood and much-needed nutrients.
You can attain a slimmer face without any medical intervention.
Benefits of Facial Yoga Exercises For Anti-Ageing
Usually, people who want to maintain their youthful appearance engage themselves in facial yoga. It also helps in addressing proper head and neck postures. Moreover, it resolves jaw problems and orthodontic relapses.

Few of the following problems that get resolved are:

Orthodontic Relapse
Bloating Due to Air Swallowing
Teeth Grinding
Speech Problems
Thumb Sucking, Lip or Nail Biting or Other Oral Habits
Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea
Food Texture Sensitivities
Frequent Headaches
Neck Pain
Long Face Syndrome
TMJ Problems
Frequent Choking or Trouble Swallowing


The following are 7 facial yoga exercises:

Puff Up the Cheeks: Puff up the cheeks and transfer the air 5 times in the mouth from one side to the other. Then release the air while opening mouth in O shape.
Stick the Tongue Out: Stick the tongue out as far as possible, and keep this pose for 1 minute. Repeat this exercise 3 times.
Look Up at the Ceiling: Look up and open the mouth like you are about to kiss someone. Hold the posture for 5 seconds, and repeat it 5 times. You will get a chiseled jawline and high cheekbones.
Make “O” with Lips: Drop the jaw and open the mouth. Make an “O” shape with lips. Do this exercise for 10 times.
Fish Face: Pursed lips when you are smiling, then make a fish face by sucking the inside area of the cheeks into the gap between upper and lower teeth sets. Repeat this exercise 5 times, it helps to firm and tone the lips and cheeks.
Bye Bye Crow’s Feet: It works wonders by decreasing unwanted lines around the eyes. Open the eyes as wide as possible. Pull the face skin back while doing this exercise by using hands.
The Louis Armstrong “Satchmo”: Bend the head to the right side and stay in this posture for a few seconds to stretch the neck muscles and then repeat it on the left side. You can roll the neck in the anticlockwise and clockwise direction 5 times and get rid of the double chin.

Facial yoga is of great help to tone the facial muscles. Apart from that, an individual needs to consider a few things, such as protecting the face from the sun, eating green leafy vegetables, and avoiding stress. Just a regular routine facial exercise can help you in making a face look healthier.