Having Weak, brittle nails can be very frustrating. It is everyone’s dream to have healthy, thick and appealing nails. To have beautiful nails, you need to maintain a healthy diet. Food rich in calcium and natural oils will help in the growth of healthy nails. If your nails are already damaged, you can try the below home remedies. The remedies can protect your nails from damage.


How to Strengthen Nails in 5 Simple Ways:

Soft Nail File

Unlike other files that make the nails split and peel, a soft nail file does not damage the nails while filing. Be careful while filing to avoid causing further damage to the nails.

Using a soft nail file is simple. You should not file the nail using a sawing motion (moving the file back-and-forth on the nails). You should move the file in one direction.

How often you should file your nails depends on the rate at which they grow. An average person’s nails grow about 2-3 millimeters in a month. If you fall under the average group, you should file your nails once a week. Those with faster-growing nails must file them twice a week.

Swap Out Acetone

Acetone is a product used to dissolve nail polish faster. Most nail polish removers contain acetone which can be harsh on weak nails. Acetone(1) dries out the nails, thus making them peel, split and get the unsightly white marks. If you want your nails to be healthy and robust, get yourself a polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone.

Get rid of your current nail polish remover and switch to a non-acetone one. Although they remove nail polish slowly, they are gentler on the nails.

Avoid Cutting the Cuticle

It is essential to take care of the cuticles. Cuticles play a crucial role in protecting the nail area from getting infections. Cutting the cuticles may make the nails look appealing, but the skin will start peeling off three days later. Cutting cuticles can cause the nails to get white lines, ridges, or even infections


After filing the nails, don’t cut the cuticles. If you don’t like their appearance, you can gently push them back to the cuticle edge. You should also snip the hand nails carefully. You should keep your cuticles healthy with nourishing oils.

Increase Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is also known as folate. Vitamin B9 helps in red blood cell formation and in the development of new cells. If you don’t have enough Vitamin B9 in your body, the pigmentation of the nails can change. The nails will also look rigid and brittle. You can get Vitamin B9 in citrus fruits, peas, beans, nuts, lentils, avocado, and dark green vegetables like spinach. You can also get vitamin B9 in the form of a supplement.

To get faster results, you should incorporate food rich in vitamin B9 in your daily meals. If you opt to take the supplements, it is essential to consult your doctor first. Follow the prescribed amount if the doctor has allowed you to use the supplements.

Keep Hydrated

We all know water is essential for our overall health, and the same is true for our nails. Without adequate water, our nails get brittle and peel quite easily. Therefore, to retain the moisture in your nails, drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Brittle nails are a sign of dehydration.

You can keep yourself hydrated by drinking water, fresh juices, soups and liquids in any form. However, avoid carbonated drinks as they contain preservatives which can have a further negative effect on your body.
Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is essential. You can easily avoid flaky cuticles and promote nail growth if you keep yourself hydrated.

Having strong and healthy nails is a sign of good health. Changing your lifestyle and habits can help strengthen your nails. Adopting a healthy diet makes nails to grow healthier. Also, keeping the nails moisturized can prevent them from drying out and developing cracks. If none of the above remedies seem to help, visit a doctor for further examination.