Ten tips that make losing fat easier and make sure that you don’t get the kilos back.


1. Start small

Most people who start a diet immediately take drastic measures. They completely change their eating pattern from the get-go or they suddenly start to exercise a lot more than they used to. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but chances are that you won’t be able to maintain it. Therefore, take small steps at first. You could try incorporating some more vegetables in your meals and slowly start to make healthy adjustments after that.

2. Search for tasty healthy food

Are you used to eating fast food? Then delve into the world of healthy food. What can you buy in the supermarket? Try some foods and find out what you really like. If you don’t like chicory then maybe cauliflower can be a nice alternative. You probably like a lot more healthy foods than you thought!

3. Do not denounce your favourite meal

You probably know that it isn’t wise to indulge yourself with pasta, biscuits, bread and wine every day when you want to lose weight. However, you don’t need to ban yourself from eating things you love entirely. Now and then you can stray from the path that is healthy eating, as long as you don’t do it too often. When your diet is 90 percent healthy eating, then the other ten percent can be a little less healthy. You can prevent binge eating when you allow yourself something nice now and then.

4. Keep your calorie intake realistic

A lot of people who want to lose weight try to consume the least amount of calories possible. It is a logical thought to do so, but it isn’t the solution for losing weight. When you’re constantly hungry, you are inclined to snack a lot more. Therefore, make sure that you don’t eat too many calories on a daily basis, but also not too few calories. In any case, don’t eat less than 1500 calories a day.


5. Keep exercising fun

Do you absolutely hate running? Then don’t do it. Are you not comfortable working out in the gym? Then exercise at home. Make sure that you find something that you really like. That way it is easier to keep doing it. Apart from that, try to mix it up. Do you have a Zumba class plannend today? Go for a nice one-hour walk tomorrow! Exercising will be less boring this way.

6. Make a habit out of exercise and healthy eating

Try to hang on to your healthy habits. Of course it happens that you don’t want to go exercising or that you eat a piece of cake instead of a salad. Every now and then that is fine, but it is important to stay structured. When you skip working out for a couple of days, it is even more difficult to start again. Therefore try and keep things structured.

7. Plan ahead

Whether you’re going on a holiday or you’re having a weekend filled with dinners and parties, make sure that you plan your meals and workouts. Do you find it difficult not to snack when you’re at a party? Bring something healthy yourself. Moreover, it is wise to prepare some meals ahead of time on a Sunday so you won’t make any unhealthy decisions during the week.

8. Set yourself goals and celebrate achieving them

Setting yourself goals is really important. For example, set yourself the goal of running a few kilometres during the coming week or losing a kilo by the end of next week. It is also important to celebrate the goals once you’ve achieved them! Buy something nice for yourself or plan a nice activity. When you stop and think about your achievements, you will stay motivated.

9. Bounce back

Maybe you could not motivate yourself to go to the gym or maybe you ate a whole packet of chocolate biscuits in one go during a weak moment. Don’t let it discourage you! One mistake is not a disaster. You can bounce back and continue where you left things.

10. Stay motivated

This may be the most important tip of all: stay motivated. Remember why you do it. Remind yourself of the reason why you wanted to lose weight every time you have a setback and keep going!